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        The Three Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in a mysterious Oriental-style world. In The Legend of Mir you can be a powerful warrior and develope your ability in close combat, a skilled wizard with a whole set of spells or a mystic taoist provided with inner spirituals powers. Thousands of users can play together in the challenging world of Mir, which allows you to access numerous levels as you become stronger and stronger... to explore dangerous dungeons and fantastic cities... to create powerful Guilds and conquer legions of opponents defending amazing castles but this is only the beginning... The Legend of Mir will be constantly updated with new maps, items, monsters to constantly offer you a fresh challenge.

Warrior The warrior is a straight forward basic class. Warrior uses 'DC' [Destructive Charm(melee attack)] to kill the enemy. They have high HP (hit points), high AC (Defense from melee attacks) and have very little MP (Mana points) and low MR (Magic Resistance).

Wizard The Wizard can be a bit tricky at first. They use magic attacks such as "Frozen Earth" or "Ice Blades". They use 'MC' [Magic Charm (Ranged Magic)]. They have a wide variety of elements to choose from and use on their opponents or monsters. Elemental weaknesses are key to wizards. They have AoE(Area Of Effect) attacks as well as mass attacks. Wizards have low HP (hit points), Extremely high MP (Mana points), High MR (Magic Resistance) but low AC (Melee Defense).

Taoist The Taoist is a support class. Similar to a priest, the taoist can heal and bless. Healing is one very important aspect of the game. Taoists throw talismans and poison. They focus on two key elements. Holy and Dark. They can summon pets such as the 'skelly', 'shinsoo' or 'jin skelly' and 'rotgar'. Taoists can resurrect the dead, a very useful move. Taoists are considerd the hardest and most complex class to level up and boss hunt with. Taoists use 'SC' (Soul Charm), which is a balance between magic and melee attack. Still ranged the taoist can use 'SC' to increase the amount of damage and skill use. Taoists have Balanced MP(Mana points) + HP(hit points)as well as Balance MR(Magic Resistance) + AC(melee Defense).